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I'm Isabelle Romine and I'm running for UCFSD School Director

You may have met me on Election Day, serving East Marlborough West as the elected Majority Inspector of Elections. Most of the year, I am raising my daughter & soon-to-be-born son and working in education for the Delaware Valley Science Fairs. I have both a science and a business education, with a Ph.D. from Scripps Research in chemical and biological sciences, an M.B.A. from Quantic School of Business and Technology, and a B.S. degree in biochemistry from Cal Poly, SLO. In addition to my children, four of my nieces and nephews live in UCFSD, and my husband went to UCFSD schools for all 12 years.

Why I'm Running for School Director

I pledge to be an advocate for all UCFSD families. 

As a young mom who is deeply invested in the school district and education, I am passionate about 

Academic Excellence
Financial Responsibility
Parental Involvement

My education, fresh perspective, and expertise are just what UCFSD needs!

While on the school board, I will ensure our schools continue to be the BEST in the Commonwealth for ALL our students.

I will double down on FUNDAMENTAL ACADEMICS after the difficult past few years.

I will strive for a RESPONSIBLE BUDGET where every line-item should answer, “How does this help our students?”

I will promote PARENT INVOLVMENT in their children’s education and foster a TRANSPARENT board that welcomes input.

Check out my posts on social media. Join the team to elect Isabelle Romine to UCFSD in 2023. And, residents of both East and West Marlborough, don't forget to VOTE for me in the upcoming election. 

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